Shooter Threat at Twitch Headquarters in San Francisco

Police are investigating a potential shooter threat at Twitch headquarters in San Francisco. While it’s under investigation, there is currently no active threat.

Reported first by Business Insider, the San Francisco Police Department is currently investigating a threat made towards the Amazon-owned streaming service. The threat was made on Tuesday, and at the time, there was no way to determine how credible the threat and police treated it as such.

As a result and in the interest of safety, Twitch offered employees the chance to work from home.

The SFPD confirms that the threat originated on Twitter, but did not add more details due to the ongoing nature of the investigation. On Wednesday, police confirmed that there is no longer an active threat to Twitch’s headquarters. The investigation has been referred to the special investigations department as a result.

While the motives are unknown, Twitch has been under heavy criticism for how they have dealt with some recent drama, namely Alinity. The result has been little more than threats towards Alinity, sexism towards gamer girls everywhere, and a general visceral response towards Twitch staff for their lack of response. Further drama erupted after Twitch stated they allow breastfeeding on their service and do not consider it a rule break.

Emotions are running high towards Twitch and many praise Ninja for leaving, threatening to do the same.

Politically, this comes after recent active shooter situations in various states earlier this month. Video games are taking the brunt of the blame for the violence.

It is unknown if these tensions are related to the current threat towards Twitch headquarters or even how credible that threat is.