Two new faces appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield Promo Art


Nintendo’s newest promotional art for Pokémon Sword and Shield reveals some new faces.

With Pokémon Camp on the way, Nintendo unveiled a new piece of promotional art. The image features the two main trainers, some of the new mascot Pokémon for the series, the camp features, and surprisingly, two unknown faces.

Pokemon and trainers camping with food

Hidden among all the Pokémon, next to the camping tent, and by the giant cauldron of a cooking pot, are two trainers. The first, in the back, is a young girl with dark skin and corded hair. The second is a pale blond boy with glasses fanning the flames to cook the food.

These two may be nameless stand-ins for other player characters. Their varying appearance could be a representation of the character customization feature, showing off the different haircuts, skin, and eye colors available. Since there can be up to four players in-game preparing the curry, these two additional trainers may be simply representations of that.

Alternatively, and a more exciting, optimistic theory, is that they’re currently unknown trainers that we will eventually meet along the way.

Pokémon Sword and Shield comes out on Nov. 15. With the two and a half months to go, more information may come out about these trainers.