Ubisoft Announces Uplay Plus Subscription Service | E3 2019

Ubisoft today announced the launch of Uplay Plus, the subscription expansion its Uplay launcher. According to the publisher, it will feature over 100 games at launch, including both classic games and new releases, along with their DLC.

Uplay Plus will cost $14.99 per month, but early adopters who sign up between now and August 15 will receive their first month free when the service launches in September. Signing up for the free trial does require you to enter a valid credit card, but Ubisoft says you can cancel any time during your free month to avoid being charged the subscription cost. Uplay Plus will be available on PC starting September 3 of this year and on Stadia starting in 2020.

According to Ubisoft, Uplay Plus will give users access to premium editions of all of its games, meaning that you’ll be able to play all DLC and post-release content as well as the base game. Brenda Panagrossi, a Ubisoft executive used Ghost Recon Breakpoint as an example, saying that its Ultimate Edition is a $120 value, and the entirety of the content it includes will be part of Uplay Plus.

In addition to access to all of its upcoming games and a huge library of games that are already available on the Uplay launcher, the subscription service will also give users automatic entry to all upcoming early access and beta programs.

On PC, Uplay Plus will allow you to download games, rather than stream them from Ubisoft’s servers. That means that as long as you’re not playing an online game, you’ll be able to play even if you’re not connected to the internet once you’ve downloaded the game.