Ubisoft Makes Assassin’s Creed Unity Free for PC To Encourage Donations for Notre-Dame for One Week

There was a fire on the roof of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, France, earlier this week on April 15. The fire destroyed a good portion of the building’s roof, along with its insides. While the people of France and those around the world mourn the historic building’s destruction, many are coming forward with donations and ideas on how to rebuild it.

French game developer Ubisoft felt the same pain as many others did, and in wanting to help out as much as possible, they’ve come forward and made Assassin’s Creed Unity free for a week, and donated €500,000.

Ubisoft wants to give players the best possible opportunity for them to still experience the cathedral, in all of its glory, because Assassin’s Creed Unity takes place in France.

Ubisoft’s offer is only available through their Uplay store client. To access it, you can grab it at this link. You can only access it for a week, so if you haven’t already picked up this game, now’s your chance.

The hope behind giving the game for free is for players to experience the Notre-Dame cathedral, connect with this historical building despite not being there, and donate to the cause of having it rebuilt. Efforts are actively being explored, with two French billionaires giving a total of €300 million to have the building restored.

Many people all around the world are coming together to have this 800-year old building rebuilt to its former glory, as closely as they can.

French President Emmanuel Macron made a bold claim to have the Notre-Dame rebuilt and available to the public in about five years. With so many people coming together to assist with the project, and the donations already exceeding €700 million, it’s entirely possible. Macron’s goals can happen to allow everyone around the world to view the Notre-Dame, once again.