The Division 2 To Feature Bigger Day One Content And Endgame, Faster Post Launch Support


During its latest meeting with investors, Ubisoft took some time to talk about The Division 2 and describe which changes it is going to bring in when the game releases for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The title was announced all of a sudden few months ago and it was already confirmed that we’d be watching a full reveal at E3 2018 in June. In this occasion, it was also confirmed that it would be releasing by March 2019.

Ubisoft Promises Big Things With The Division 2

Among the things that Ubisoft discussed, there were two key components that the publisher and the developer Massive Entertainment are taking into consideration when it comes to learning from the original The Division experience and bringing that feedback to the sequel.

In particular, Ubisoft claimed that the Swedish developer is really hard at work with the content coming upon day one with the release of the title, which was a bit lacking back in the days for the original The Division (similarly to Destiny).

On top of that, the publisher is making sure that the “endgame”, which was specifically mentioned during the call with the investors, is really meaningful from the very first time after you complete the campaign or reach the level cap.

Finally, it was also mentioned that the post launch support gets better and better. Starting from a base which was lacking of several features and content, the support on the original was very good but slow, and that’s something Massive is going to change entirely, making the process quicker and more meaningful.

We’ll learn more about The Division 2 later in June at E3 2018.