Ubisoft Reportedly Working On Open World Tron Game


There’s a new rumor coming from Reddit about Ubisoft working on a Tron game. The game could be one of the titles in the works thanks to the relationship between Disney and the French developer and publisher, together with James Cameron’s Avatar.

The title is said to be an open-world game in the making at Ubisoft’s World Wide Studios, and development at the Shanghai division started more than three years ago. Production may ramp up right now as we get closer to a new movie in the franchise and would be aiming for next-gen consoles on top of the current generation.

The game is rumored to have both single-player and multiplayer with those connecting through the same characters and worlds. The game will have co-op, while in terms of gameplay it would feature a “heavy emphasis” on verticality and transportation as light cycles, jets, etc. could get called anytime.

Combat is rumored to be “very skill-based” and dying or getting derezed is said to be rather easy. The game should be visually inspired by Legacy rather than to the original movie. We read that customization should be “very expansive,” same as multiplayer which would even come with an arena-style online PvP.

As we see that the release date would get fixed in 2021, it might still take a while before we learn about this game. Ultimately whether this rumor is true or not, but bear in-mind it, especially if you are a Tron fan, as this looks suspiciously detailed.