Ubisoft Have Revealed Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trailer And Game Details


Ubisoft have revealed the newest game in the Ghost Recon series. Titled Ghost Recon Breakpoint, it will star Jon Bernthal of The Punisher fame as the main bad guy, and is actually written by a Special Forces member. The game centers around the efforts of a company called Skel Technology that wishes to improve the world through the use of drones. Needless to say, things start to go bad when a drone is used to assassinate a political figure.

When an attempt is made to legislate drones, Skel Tech goes dark, and it is up to the Ghosts to get to the bottom of things. You start the game by heading to Aurora, the island that houses Skel Tech, but quickly become under attack from drones. Aurora is a massive, human engineered island with assorted biomes and landscape types, lending a lot of different settings for you to fight in.

The game is, just like the previous installment, an open world game that can be played in cooperative mode. The bad news is that Spec Ops soldiers have already arrived on the island before you, and these rogue soldiers now control the island, and the endless drones that it produces. At this point in the livestream, we were treated to some gameplay footage of a lone Ghost being chased through some woodlands by an unseen threat. Even for Alpha footage there were some nice touches, like the player character lifting his gun to keep it out of water that he was moving through. There was also a nice moment where the player covered themselves in mud to hide from enemies, a feature that seemed to be tied to the type of terrain they were on.

After that we were shown an extended mission sequence that feature players working together to silently infiltrate an enemy installation. Gunplay seemed very similar to Wildlands, so series fans should be right at home with the action. You also have a range of drones and other gadgets that you can use to help you carry out different tactics and strategies. One part that I really like is that you can fireman’s carry downed allies to safety before committing to the revive animation. All in all, the gameplay looked pretty good, but I am a big fan of coop-shooters, so I might be a little biased about the appeal of Breakpoint.

You can also be injured, so getting shot in the arm can affect your aim, while getting shot in the leg can affect your movement. I really like this feature, as it really does reinforce a more tactical approach to the gameplay. There will also be a class based system, with four at launch, and more to come after release. Classes can be changed at any time in the game, you are not committing to a single glass with a character. The stream also touts advanced enemy AI, with multiple enemies working in smart ways to try and take you out. There will also be a PvP aspect to the game, and your character will remain consistent across the entire game. It really does seem like they learned a little from the Division 2 on that front.

Breakpoint is the followup to Ghost Recon Wildlands, which launched in 2017. The open world, tactical shooter could be played with up to three friends, and featured the various efforts of a group of Delta Company members trying to shut down the activities of various drug dealers and criminals.

The game is due to launch on Oct 4, this year, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.