Ubisoft reveals Crystal Guard as the name of Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3

The name is all that’s confirmed for now.


Screenshot via Rainbow Six Siege Twitter

The official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account posted a short video teasing Year 6 Season 3 for the game. The video includes the season’s name, Crystal Guard, and shows a character in the background made of shards of crystal.

Operation North Star, the current season in Rainbow Six Siege, launched on June 14, almost two months ago. Seasons in Rainbow Six Siege generally follow a three-month rotation, so a tease for the next season today lines up with the schedule Ubisoft has kept to for 2021 so far.

This teaser for Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crystal Guard contains a few subtle hints about the gadget the update’s new Operator will have. The connotations of crystal include clarity, the ability to see something with no obstacles blocking your vision. This seems to be backed up by the image in the video, showing a head that’s clearly wearing some sort of eyewear that isn’t a standard pair of glasses.

Between the name and image, it looks like the new Operators gadget could focus on providing a better view of the battlefield in each match. However, it’s extremely unclear how the gadget would do that. Zero, another Operator, has a gadget that fires cameras into hard surfaces, providing players with the ability to see from viewpoints they may not necessarily be able to reach.

On the other hand, there have been leaks around Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3 that have suggested that the new season will feature an Operator that uses a shield with built-in bulletproof glass. The text used in this post, “the best view is crystal clear,” would certainly line up with that theory.