Ubisoft Confirms Watch Dogs Legion, Showcasing Full Details at E3 2019


Ubisoft has come forward and confirmed they’re going to reveal Watch Dogs Legion at E3 2019. In their announcement, they have redone the Watch Dogs Twitter to have the Watch Dogs Legion logo, name, and even have a blown up banner image of the strange symbol.

Here’s the short, 10-second video that went up on the Twitter account’s page.

This approach with forward messaging by Ubisoft seems like the right choice for them, given the first details about the game were leaked yesterday. The leaked details covered the game’s unique setting of a near-future, dystopian twist on London. The world in Watch Dogs Legion is going to be one twisted by technology, where politics and society have morphed into something unrecognizable.

The Watch Dogs Legion leak from yesterday was confirmed by Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, who followed up to comment about the validity of the information.

One iconic feature of the game is going to be the fact that it’s a world where Brexit has happened already, and the argument is going to have ended. The choice to highlight this controversial topic may influence how people accept the game.

For those who want to make sure they catch all of the Watch Dogs Legion footage available, make sure you’re around next week on Monday, June 10. The Ubisoft conference kicks off at 1 PM PST, 4 PM PST, and 9 PM BST.

Source: IGN