Uncharted 5 Chances Commented By Nathan Drake Actor Nolan North


In an interview with SP Only, Nolan North has offered a comment about possibilities that Uncharted 5 could become a reality sooner or later. North is the actor behind Nathan Drake, the protagonist of the franchise, so that would involve his return to the saga.

According to the actor, while many would like to see “the fifth Uncharted,” he believes that “that ship has kinda sailed,” so proper chances of a new game in the brand are not even remotely being considered now.

North also remembered the good old days of the first Uncharted, when even the guys at Naughty Dog didn’t know whether there would be a sequel. Times are so different now, with the IP well established (and perhaps over for a while) and the studio has grown a lot with The Last of Us Part II incoming.

“A lot of people want the fifth Uncharted, but that ship has kinda sailed. It’s great that so many people can all remember such an iconic franchise. We didn’t know there’d be a second one. I just remember being really excited to do the second one, and when that one really took off, [Naughty Dog] pretty much knew there’d be a third and a fourth,” North said.

“It wasn’t until the fourth one kind of started that there’s no fifth one and you’re going ‘Okay, what’s next?’ But you don’t want to jump the shark … It was bittersweet to end the franchise, but we’re proud of what we’ve made, and if that’s the way that Sony and Naughty Dog decide to leave it, then I’m fine with that.”

The actor claims that he is fine with the end of the franchise, even though “it was bittersweet.” Do you see it like him, or should Sony push for another chapter, even without the direct involvement of Naughty Dog?