Undertale is coming to the Nintendo Switch this year


Switch owners found out that the popular indie title Undertale is coming to the console sometime this year in the Nintendo Direct on March 8.

But an official release date for Undertale wasn’t mentioned in the announcement, which left fans wondering when they can expect to get their hands on the game.

A few days after the initial reveal, Nintendo of Japan confirmed that the smash-hit title by Toby Fox will be coming out sometime this year, slightly narrowing down the time window for fans.

When the PS4 and Vita version of the game was revealed at last year’s E3, fans had to wait a few months to get their hands on the title. But Switch owners hope to see Undertale join the console’s ever-growing library soon.

It’s possible that fans of the series will hear more about the title, as well as other Nintendo indie games coming to the Switch, at E3 this summer.