Unexplored 2 Launches in Open Access Today | E3 2019


If you saw the exciting trailer for Unexplored 2 today and can’t wait to get your hands on it, you’re in luck. The presenters didn’t dwell on this fact at the show, but it will actually available on Fig’s Open Access program today.

The Open Access program from Fig launched earlier this year, letting developers continue their crowd funding campaigns after releasing early versions of their games, much like Steam’s Early Access.

Unlike Early Access, though, it allows developers to set ongoing goals during its campaign so players can contribute toward development milestones as they play. Money isn’t released to developers all at once, setting them off toward development with one huge lump sum of money. Instead, Open Access lets developers determine how much they need to reach their next milestone along the way, and players and decide whether they want to stay on board and keep the game moving toward completion at every step.

The original Unexplored was an excellent roguelike, but was a little lo-fi for some people. Unexplored 2 throws that criticism straight out, with stunning cel-shaded graphics and great-looking combat.

You can find Unexplored 2’s crowdfunding campaign on Fig. It’s available to download now.