Untitled Goose Game: How To Make the Shop Scales Go Ding


There’s quite a To-Do list for your goose in Untitled Goose Game. Granted, some of the tasks have it being incredibly rude. A task in the game is to make the scales go ding in High Street’s area outdoor shop go ding.

Stacking Vegetables and Fruit

To make the scales go ding, you need to put items on it. You can do this by using nearby fruits and vegetables. Bring any of these over to the scale and watch them make the needle go up, and once it reaches past the red mark, they go “ding.”

There’s a catch, though. Before you can stack up enough stuff to get to the “ding” level, the shopkeeper will arrive in your way. She likes order, so anything you try to move around, she’ll grab and put right back before shooing you away. Fortunately, there’s a way to get her out of the equation.

Trapping the Shopkeeper

The first thing to do is to grab something off the table to get the shopkeeper’s attention. When she rushes after you make your way into the small garage, which is off to the right of the shop, with the door open. Head to the back and drop the item. The shopkeeper will grab it.

Now, you want to leave the garage and grab the pull-down handle before the shopkeeper comes out. It’ll automatically cause the door to go down, trapping the shopkeeper inside.

You’ll be able to stack up fruits and vegetables on the scale. Larger ones can be a bit difficult, with some items rolling off (as seen in the video). However, if you stack them just right, you’ll go past the red line and get the “ding.”