When Can You Grab Untitled Goose Game on PS4 and Xbox One?


House House has done extraordinary work on its Nintendo Switch/PC release Untitled Goose Game, allowing everyone to be the jerkiest goose they can be across several scenarios.

The team recently talked about their success with ABC Australia, explaining that it originally started as a joke – but has now blossomed into a full-blown success.

That said, the question has arisen as to whether the Goose will make his way to other platforms. Well, the team addressed that during the interview, which we’ll break down below.

So When’s It Coming To Other Platforms?

While discussing the game’s success – and its continuing sales past the 100,000 unit mark, which it already reached – they talked about the idea of bringing the game to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Though a release date wasn’t given, that appears to be a confirmation, provided that the game can see a successful port.

The team noted it “hopes” to bring the game to those platforms. While that’s not a full-on confirmation, it sounds like this would be a great idea, expanding the idea of being a bothersome goose to a new audience and pushing the game’s sales even further. Now it’s just a matter of if they can get their resources together to get the job done. At the very least, we probably wouldn’t see the game until sometime in 2020, maybe even beyond.

The Success of the Goose

Porting the game to other platforms makes sense, mainly because of the diversity they’re going for with Untitled Goose Game. “We’re trying to capture a non-gamer audience,” co-creator Stuart Gillespie-Cook explained during the interview. “That’s what is exciting to us when these people from outside the gaming sphere seem to be talking about it.”

It’s been a social media darling since its release, and, again, with over 100,000 units sold over the past few days alone – and a number one spot on the Australian Nintendo eShop – that success is likely to, ahem, ruffle some feathers.

We’ll keep you informed when the team has a release date available for other platforms. But, for now, the game is available for download on Nintendo Switch and Epic Games Store. And it’s well worth it, considering all the honking fun you could have. Check out the trailer below to see it in action!