New PS4 Trophies Suggest Untitled Goose Game May Stir Up Trouble On Other Consoles Soon


Back in September, we speculated on the possibility of the surprise hit PC and Nintendo Switch game Untitled Goose Game coming to other consoles. At the time, the developers at House House had nothing official to announce. But a new Trophy list suggests that such a release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One may not be far off.

Achievement-tracking site Exophase recently posted a new PlayStation 4 Trophy list, featuring a breakdown of familiar tasks from the game, along with some possible new ones. These indicate that the game could possibly “open up” as it makes its way to new platforms, though nothing is officially confirmed just yet.

The full list of Trophies and their values are below. There may be mild spoilers here if you haven’t played it yet, so proceed with caution.

  • A Secret Prize — Earn every other trophy (Platinum)
  • The Garden — Complete the garden to-do list (Gold)
  • The High Street — Complete the high street to-do list (Gold)
  • The Back Gardens — Complete the back gardens to-do list (Gold)
  • The Pub — Complete the pub to-do list (Gold)
  • Thank you for playing our video game — Finish the game (Gold)
  • Nasty — Lock the groundskeeper out of The Garden (Bronze)
  • Yummy — Cabbage picnic (Bronze)
  • Ghastly — Trip the boy in the puddle (Bronze)
  • Noisy — Make the shop scales go ding (Bronze)
  • Unlucky — Open an umbrella inside the TV shop (Bronze)
  • Devious — Make someone from outside the High Street buy back their own stuff (Bronze)
  • Beautiful — Collect the five flowers (Silver)
  • Dreadful — Trap the boy in the garage (Bronze)
  • Careful — Catch an object as it’s thrown over the fence (Bronze)
  • Intrepid — Get thrown over the fence (Bronze)
  • Pretty — Dress up the bust with things from outside the Back Gardens (Bronze)
  • Nimble — Score a goal (Bronze)
  • Lovely — Sail the toy boat under a bridge (Bronze)
  • Elegant — Perform at the pub wearing a ribbon (Bronze)
  • Cheeky — Steal the old man’s woolen hat (Bronze)
  • The Garden, Quickly — Complete the Garden to-do list before the church bells ring (Gold)
  • The High Street, Quickly — Complete the High Street to-do list before the church bells ring (Gold)
  • The Back Gardens, Quickly — Complete the Back Gardens to-do list before the church bells ring (Gold)
  • The Pub, Quickly — Complete The Pub to-do list before the church bells ring (Gold)

With The Game Awards 2019 happening next week, House House could make a surprise announcement for Untitled Goose Game on other platforms around that time, given its runaway popularity. But it’s made nothing official yet.