Upcoming Chrono Trigger patch for PC will add 21:9 full-screen support, auto-battle speed boost, and more

What a pleasant surprise.

Image via Square Enix

The beloved time-traveling JRPG Chrono Trigger is getting its first update for PC and Mobile in four years.

That’s right. Square Enix Japan posted a new video regarding the patch on their YouTube channel. The update will include 21:9 aspect ratio full-screen display support, improved operability, x1.5 battle speed option, and will allow you to have up to 20 unique saves at a time. The mobile update specifically will also add an “extras” section where you can view movies, illustrations, and listen to music.

The mobile version of Chrono Trigger was originally released back in 2012 and was last updated back in 2018 to catch up with the Steam version at the time. The PC port got a lot of flack when it first launched but got better over time thanks to some much-needed patches to the point that the Steam page has the game sitting at a “very positive” from both recent and all user reviews from the past four years.

The last major update for Chrono Trigger on Steam back in August of 2018 was stated by Square Enix to be the final one, but apparently, something has changed. The latest patch for Chrono Trigger will release March 11 on Steam, iOS, and Android.