Upcoming PlayStation 5 update adds storage options and social features

The PS5’s first major system update is arriving tomorrow.

New PlayStation 5 system update fixes PS4 game disc installation bug

Image via Sony

The first of many PlayStation 5 updates are arriving tomorrow, and with it, some of the features we were promised before the console launched. Namely, there are some extra storage options coming to the console. We’re not going to be able to use that empty M.2 slot in the console just yet, but at least PS5 users can finally put some of those USB ports to task.

With the arrival of tomorrow’s update, PS5 users can finally move PS5 games to external USB storage devices. This is a boon for anyone playing modern, triple-A titles, such as Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, or Red Dead Redemption 2, which take up massive amounts of space.

However, games designed for the PS5 can’t be played off of external storage. According to a blog post from Sony Interactive Entertainment senior vice president Hideaki Nishino, that’s because PS5 games “are designed to take advantage of the console’s ultra high-speed SSD.” It’s still faster to install games onto your PS5 from extended storage than it is to re-download them or install them from a disk.

Image via PlayStation

Besides enhanced storage options, PS5 users are also getting a suite of new social features. One of the biggest additions is cross-generational share play. PS5 users will be able to let their friends playing on PS4 consoles watch them play something on the PS5 or even try out a PS5 game themselves.

Some UI improvements are also coming to PS5, such as an updated game base that should give players access to social content faster. Likewise, changes are also coming to PlayStation parties, with users being given the option to finally raise or lower the volume of other party chat members.