Upcoming Pokémon Go Halloween event screen features Pumpkaboo and Phantump

Halloween has nearly arrived.

Image via Niantic

The upcoming update for Pokémon Go’s Halloween event for 2021 will kick off on October 15. The forthcoming event screen has already been revealed ahead of the event’s launch, featuring Pumpkaboo, Phantump, and Halloween costumes for Pikachu, Drifblim, and Piplup.

The upcoming event screen has already made several rounds for players well ahead of the Halloween event’s release. While we don’t have any official details from the Niantic team, the PokeMiners have previously shared details about an upcoming Pumpkaboo collection. However, the exact objectives and information for this collection are not clear.

We’ve already been teased with Phantump’s release to Pokémon Go, with the Pokémon being featured on the fall loading screen. Pumpkaboo had not been confirmed, but the upcoming loading screen and expected Pumpkaboo focused collection challenge means players can expect to be working hard to capture both of these Pokémon and add them to their collection.

Image via Niantic

During the Pokémon Go Halloween event, Pikachu, Drifblim, and Piplup are receiving exclusive costumes that you’ll be able to capture in the wild. Given Drifblim is the final evolution of Drifloon, we’re expecting the costumed Drifblim to be featured in three-star raids as a battle players need to complete to capture it. Pikachu and Piplup will likely be wandering around in the wild, or they’ll turn out to be one-star raid battles for the duration of the event.

The Halloween event kicks off later this week, on October 15, alongside the PvP Halloween Cup.