Upcoming Pokémon Go Season’s next Community Day dates announced

Write these dates down.

Image via Niantic

Leading up to the announcement of the Pokémon Go Season, Niantic has shared the next series of Community Day dates. These dates will be necessary for eager players to map out their weekends featuring these Community Day events. Unfortunately, the specific Pokémon featured were not shared, but we have those dates.

Four major Community Day events will be featured in the final Pokémon Go Season this year. There will be one on September 18, another on October 15, two in November, a Community Day Classic on November 5, and then a formal Community Day event on November 12. Thankfully, the one in November will be back-to-back weekends.

The closest one in September won’t happen until halfway through the month. However, Niantic has shared that two upcoming events will happen on September 3 and 11. The team has not detailed what they will be, but these will be critical to the latest Season, which will be announced later this week. We’ll learn more about what Niantic has in store for fall and winter before 2023 arrives. We’ll be learning more about these details later this week, likely before the arrival of the Pokémon Go Fest Finale event, featuring the many Ultra Beasts that have been appearing since June.

We’re looking forward to seeing what these Community Days have in store for Pokémon Go players. The latest one featured Galarian Zigzagoon, which was widely appreciated by many in the community. It featured a rare Pokémon and had a worthwhile new move for the final evolution, Obstagoon. Although these were appreciated, many players still struggle with the time change, feeling constrained by the three-hour events.

Hopefully, Niantic continues to look into this. The identities of these Pokémon featured in these Community Days will be featured closer to the months they release.