Boundary FPS tactical
Image by Studio Surgical Scalpels

Upcoming zero-g shooter Boundary showcases gameplay in new trailer

It's Rainbow Six Siege in space.

Boundary is an upcoming tactical FPS from Studio Surgical Scalpels and a bit of an odd duck, in that it’s perhaps the only game in the genre that takes place entirely in no-gravity environments. The latest gameplay trailer, as short as it is, demonstrates once again that Boundary will play like no other multiplayer FPS game out there.

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To those who are just finding out about it, Boundary is a tactical 5v5 first-person shooter in which players take on the roles of private military contractors fighting over highly valuable corporate assets in low orbit over Earth. Each playable character comes with their custom space suit and selection of firearms and gadgets. Basically, it’s Rainbow Six Siege in space, but instead of fully destructible environments, you have zero-g mobility (and partly destructible environments). If the footage in the Fire Fall trailer below is any indication, Boundary plays a bit like a slow dogfighter flight sim.

The trailer came alongside a message from the developers outlining the current state of the game. Boundary is still heavily in development, meaning it’s too soon to hope for a release date announcement. However, the game will have a closed beta period at some point in the future, and signups are already open on the game’s official site.

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