uPlay+ Launches Today, And Of Course Has Technical Issues


uPlay+ is being launched today all over the world for those who have requested the early access back in the days of its reveal at E3 2019, and as you might’ve expected from a Ubisoft release, it is having a lot of technical issues.

While certain zones have not received the green light to access the catalog, other areas are being granted the access at least theoretically, as you get redirected to many 404 pages at the time being (right now I’m testing this in Italy, and it still doesn’t work correctly on my end).

ResetEra users are even reporting of being charged for the free month by error, so you should have your eyes peeled on the payment method you have selected on uPlay, and that certain games are not going to be available despite having been previously announced as such.

“Due to technical reasons Anno 1800 will not be available on Uplay+ at the launch of the service,” a French user was told. “We are working to make it available for players as soon as possible. We’ll provide a more precise date when we can.”

Again, if you have signed up when possible, you have access to uPlay+ on September 3, which is today, until September 30, 2019 for free. Then, the service will work for everyone on PC but will be paid, £12.99/€14,99/$14,99 per month, to be precise. You can check the full list of games here and decide if you want to join it.