US, Japan And Germany Are The Nations Where PS4 Sold The Most


A new report states the PlayStation 4 has been a massive success in this generation.

Thanks to analyst Daniel Ahmed, we get to learn about the world zones where the console has sold the best. These results could be somewhat surprising to you, or at least give an idea about how the PlayStation 4 got to be so successful this generation.

As noted by Ahmed, the PlayStation 4 has sold 30 million units in the United States, which should be the home of Xbox One theoretically. These results mean that 30 percent of the total sales of the PlayStation 4 around have been sold in the U.S., a fantastic achievement for Sony.

Then, we have Japan with 8.3 million units. It’s another excellent achievement if you consider the console has long struggled in its homeland and has improved over time, although it lags behind the Nintendo Switch.

Finally, we have Germany with 7.2 million units. The country’s sales surprisingly beat the United Kingdom (6.8 million), which has historically been a much more relevant market. France’s sales were under 6 million units.

All of these figures contribute to PS4’s massive commercial success. In total, the platform has sole over 100 million units around the world.