Valheim developer Iron Gate expands team to include a real-life horse

Take that, neigh-sayers.

Image provided by Iron Gate

Iron Gate, developer of Valheim, the Viking survival simulator that took the industry by storm this year, has expanded their dev team. Their newest member is a pony, also called Valheim. Valheim, the pony, will be living at the Sköve Riding Club where they will help younger people to learn how to ride.

Who knows, maybe when Valheim is all grown up, they can provide some motion capture information if horses ever make their way into the game. The team used the same message on Steam where they introduced us to their wonderful new member to talk about less cute issues.

Also included was an update on the upcoming Hearth and Home update, which the team described as going well. “The update is starting to take shape, and the past month has been very productive,” the post states.

The tea avoided setting any expectations around what that new content would be, or a potential release date. They seem to be doing a good job of not letting the success of Valheim but undue pressure on their work, and are focusing solely on delivery a good quality update that players will be happy with.

The team does hope to host a Q&A session in June, where they can take the time to connect with the community and answer questions about the upcoming content.