Valheim holds top-selling spot on Steam for six weeks straight

Valheim hits yet another high point.

Indie hit Valheim surpasses two million sales, closing in on 400,000 concurrent users

Image via Steam

It’s no secret that Valheim is one of the hottest items on Steam right now. The early access survival-crafting title from developer Iron Gate has been a hit since it released on February 2. Now, the game gets to add a new trophy to its mantle. Valheim has held the top-selling spot on Steam for six weeks straight, essentially since it released.

These results shouldn’t be too surprising. Over the course of the past six weeks, Valheim has sold over five million copies, and with the game retaining its top-selling spot, six million is likely not that far away. That being said, it’s worth keeping in mind that having a game in the top-seller spot doesn’t mean it’s sold a ton of copies. That chart is totally dependent on the dollar sales of a game, so a single title that sold for an outrageous price, like $40,000, but only sold one copy would be a “top-seller.” That being said, the MSRP for Valheim is just $19.99.

When Valheim hit five million copies sold, Iron Gate also revealed some interesting data on the game. As of March 3, players had spent over 15,000 years collectively playing Valheim, and viewers had spent over 35 million hours watching it on Twitch.