Valheim, once again, has sold another million copies, reaching 5 million total

The Gods are pleased.

Indie hit Valheim surpasses two million sales, closing in on 400,000 concurrent users

Image via Steam

We don’t need to reiterate how popular Valheim is. It’s this year’s breakout title, a true phenomenon the same way PUBG, Fall Guys, and Among Us were when they rose to popularity. To see the game’s staggering rise to the top of Steam, all one has to do is check out its Steamcharts page. Of course, a better reflector of the game’s popularity is the sheer volume of copies it’s been selling. Just last week we reported that Valheim had sold a grand total of 4 million copies. Well, the indie hit from developer Iron Gate has done it again, selling another million copies and breaking the 5 million mark with ease. 

A post made on the game’s Steam page revealed the milestone sales number. “You’ve done it again!” the message begins, “As you are reading this, the Valkyries have ferried more than FIVE MILLION sols to Valheim to uncover ancient treasures, sail savage seas and secure the tenth norse world.”

The post also revealed some interesting stats on the game so far. Notably, since the game’s launch in February, players have spent a collective 15,000 years playing the game. On Twitch, viewers have watched others play it for 35 million hours. And the game’s positive reception has ranked it number 39 on the list of best user-reviewed games on Steam.