Valorant begins regular limited time mode rotation

LTMs won’t quite so L anymore.

Valorant LTM Limited time modes

Image via Riot Games

Valorant’s limited time modes won’t be quite as limited going forward. Riot announced on May 21 that the game’s limited time modes will be put on a scheduled rotation. They will switch in and out in step with Valorant’s regular updates, which as Riot puts it is “about every two weeks.”

So far Valorant has introduced three limited time modes: Snowball Fight, Replication, and Escalation. Each features a completely different flow and set of match rules, and gives players a break from the rigid, chess-like experience that regular Valorant is all about. We expect more LTMs will be added to Valorant in the future.

Since all three current limited time modes are now set to be permanent features of Valorant, some players may be wondering why they could not simply be made available at all times. Riot’s reasoning for the rotation is practical: having too many active queues at all times dilutes the player pool, either slowing down matchmaking or making for unfair match-ups. Besides the three LTMs, Valorant has four regular queues active at all times: ranked and unranked defuse, Spike Rush, and Deathmatch.

The first Valorant limited time mode rotation is scheduled for May 25, when the current Replication LTM will be replaced by another mode.