Valorant players are split on the new Jett changes

The kunai-wielding radiant loses some of her wind.

Jett Valorant

Image via Riot Games

Throughout the short history of Riot Games hit tactical FPS Valorant, Jett has often been a hot topic of discussion. Upon the beta’s release, players thought she was a C-tier Agent at most, not bringing much utility to the team and often promoting a solo-carry playstyle that can be harmful to a team. This notion quickly changed when players learned just how strong Jett can be in the hands of a particularly good aimer.

During the last couple of months, Jett has made her mark on both the casual and pro scene as being an S+ tier agent that has the killing ability of no other agent in the game. This all might change with the release of patch 3.06. Jett is definitely front and center of this patch, and for good reason. The agent will be losing one of her Cloudburst smoke abilities, along with the ability to refresh her knives on a right-click kill. This is big news, as a common strategy with the agent would be to enter close-quarters fights with the intention of “right-clicking” everyone in sight.

The Valorant community is pretty split when it comes to the tuning of Jett. Some think it is a needed change that will reel back some of Jett’s entry abilities, and others think it somewhat ruins her point as an agent to get in and get out — some think the nerf isn’t nearly enough to fix the problem with the agent. Both casual and professional Valorant players and community influencers have been public with their thoughts on social media.

As some players have suggested, one of the big requested changes to Jett is to rework her dash ability so you may only dash in the direction you are looking. This could tone down the agent and allow players to get re-frags on Jett much easier. That being said, what’s Jett without her dash?