Valve Index Rumored To Be Revealed May 1 With Half-Life VR Prequel


Valve is reportedly revealing the new Valve Index virtual reality headset as soon as tomorrow, May 1, 2019. The rumor is coming from PC Gamer, so it looks somewhat reliable as a source, even though they claim plans could change in light of Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal happening on the same date.

Together with the reveal, the company is rumored to be planning the opening of the pre-orders, since the plan would be to start shipping the units as soon as this June.

Valve is also hinted at being working on three big VR games, that are supposed to be full titles and not simple tech demos, and that work has been supposedly going on for at least a couple years, so development should be very ahead in the process.

While this is the “rumor” part, there’s also room for some speculation. PC Gamer claims that Valve will probably announce one or more VR games at the same time with the specifics of the hardware, and one or more of these titles could be bundled with the headset.

One of these games is said to possibly be a Half-Life game, even though it wouldn’t be Half-Life 3. In November, UploadVR confirmed the existence of a new virtual reality headset from Valve, which eventually happened to be accurate, and a prequel to the Half-Life series.

If everything goes by the plan, then, Half-Life could be coming back with an origin story, to be playable, or even bundled, with the Valve Index VR headset. Whether the game could be playable without a virtual reality headset or not, it is still unknown.