Rumor: Vanquish 2 In Development As Xbox One Exclusive


According to a brand and surprising new rumor, Vanquish 2 could be in development exclusively for Xbox One. It’s the first time we hear of such news and particularly of the possibility of a sequel for the SEGA IP.

The rumor comes from game journalist and insider Marcus Sellars, who claimed it – as reported by GameReactor – on Discord without providing any specific source. As such, of course, it can’t be verified and will need further investigation to be considered reliable.

Vanquish 2 Is In Development Exclusively For Xbox One

Sellars has already hinted at the remaster of Dark Souls well ahead of its announcement, in the past, so it could be considered quite a reliable source of his own. But, again, it’s not something we can verify at this point.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s being looking into more exclusive deals for its Xbox One and Windows 10 software portfolio, so we’d undoubtedly not rule anything out at this stage of the process. It’s the first time since the rise of the rumors about investments that we hear of partnerships with Japanese developers, though.

Vanquish 2 In Development For Xbox One - Rumor

It must be noted that the intellectual property of Vanquish is in the hands of SEGA right now and not in Platinum Games’, which means the Asian software house and the platform holder are not necessarily working again together after the cancellation of Scalebound.

SEGA could assign the development to an entirely different studio from what we know, which is something possible if you consider that the original was built by Shinji Mikami who’s now employed at Bethesda’s Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within).

We’ll let you know if we have more intel about the topic as soon as it comes.

Source: Reset Era