Victoria 3 is Paradox Interactive’s next grand strategy title

The long-awaited sequel will finally see the light of day.

Image via Paradox Interactive

Victoria 3 has been rumored to be in development since 2013. The sequel to the beloved grand strategy game from 2010 has had its ups and downs in development, but Paradox finally announced that it’s real at PDXCON Remixed. While details like the release date are still to be confirmed, this is excellent news for fans who have been waiting years to play the next game in the Victoria series.

Similarly to the previous games in the series, Victoria 3 will take place during the Victorian ages. That means you’ll be leading your nation between the years of 1836-1936. During those 100 years, you’ll have the ability to completely reshape your nation through careful choices in areas like technology, government, and military. This is a grand strategy game in every sense of the genre. Expect to wage diplomatic, trade, and military battles across the entire map.

At this point, Paradox Interactive has more than established itself as one of the best strategy developers in the business. Its titles are heavy on menus and careful planning, which makes them tough for new fans to get into. However, once you immerse yourself in the systems, you won’t find a deeper, more rewarding experience. And Victoria 3 is among the most anticipated titles in the company’s lineup.

As mentioned above, fans have been looking forward to this game for more than a decade. Obviously, we’re still very early in the marketing cycle, so we haven’t seen too much of the game just yet. That said, with the fan support and Paradox’s track record, it’s hard to imagine a world where Victoria 3 doesn’t give the strategy game community exactly what they want.