Blizzard could announce a Warcraft III remaster soon


In what could be the biggest clue yet that Warcraft III may finally be getting a remaster, it appears that several international pro Warcraft III players have been working to secure US visas for a secret event

Blizzard hasn’t officially announced anything thus far, save for a statement last year that Warcraft III isn’t quite ripe for a remaster just yet. That could be changing, however. A report via Wowhead by way of says that Foggy, Happy, and HawK are apparently working to obtain visas to the US for an event.

Warcraft fans have been clamoring for a Warcraft III remaster for a very long time. And there have been plenty of hints that a release is coming, including several job listings and a menagerie of other details that have all but confirmed Blizzard is hard at work on both remasters of Warcraft III and Diablo II. 

Happy told that he was “allowed to hint” at the event’s nature that will take place in the United States, and that he will require a visa for it. Of course, none of this confirms a Warcraft III remaster announcement specifically, as the event could be for something even bigger and more substantial.

But the nature of the guests and the scramble for visas certainly means something interesting is happening. And as more details emerge about whatever this secret event may be, we’ll be able to piece more information together. Warcraft 3 fans will be hoping for just one thing, however. It’s about time.