Warcraft YouTuber-turned-game studio Bellular Studios releases Steam demo for debut The Pale Beyond

Brave a cold wasteland.

Image via Bellular Studios

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Bellular has been a popular and important World of Warcraft Youtuber for quite some time. In the midst of his steady stream of content and valuable insight for the community, he and his team have also created their own game studio called Bellular Studios. Their debut into the gaming space is titled The Pale Beyond, which is set to be a unique narrative experience where choices matter. The game is being published by Fellow Traveller and is supposed to release sometime in 2002. A demo has just launched on Steam.

Players who enjoy relaxing with a good story where conversation and decisions weigh heavily have a lot to look into with the title. It features a unique art style with hand-drawn characters and environments inspired by Victorian etchings and historic paintings. The setting is also quite interesting, as you find your character leading an expedition in a frozen wasteland at sea.

The studio explains that the game will require you to manage meager resources while balancing the safety and morale of the crew. Players will need to keep everyone safe, fed, and warm. Low happiness amongst the crew can result in a mutiny. The demo allows you to respond to characters in several different ways and even shape your character with a backstory that affects conversations.

Bellular’s critique of the many successes and failures of World of Warcraft’s more recent design choices has made him a popular source of information for the MMO community. Over the past few years, his channels have spread into other titles and gaming news. If this passion extends to The Pale Beyond, it is definitely worth looking out for when it launches for players who enjoy narrative games.