Take To The Skies In Warframe’s Empyrean Update, Available Now On PC


Digital Extremes, developer of free-to-play space ninja simulator Warframe, has just announced from the stage at the Game Awards in Los Angeles that the Empyrean update is now available on PC. The surprise announcement comes hot on the heels of the recent surprise drop of Rising Tides, which introduced PC Tenno to their Railjack battleships.

Empyrean lets those ships leave the Dry Dock, and engage in epic space battles with a heavy reliance on cooperative play. You will need a crew of Tenno to pilot these massive Railjacks, keep them running, and achieve your goals. Railjacks can be upgraded with all manner of weapons, shields, and engines, while players will have access to new skill trees that will enhance their ability to handle these weapons of war.

Empyrean will introduce ship-to-ship battles, in-mission resource management and collection, onboard fires, ship boarding, and more.

Along with Empyrean for PC players, Digital Extremes also announced that the Rising Tides update is now live for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. The free update is the first step towards getting Empyrean on consoles and will allow you to build your Dry Dock, research your Cephalon Cy, and build the Railjack ship itself. While no date has been given for Empyrean’s release on console yet, updates usually arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One about two weeks after PC.

If you have grown a little tired of your level of power in Warframe, then Empyrean is an update for you. It adds an entirely new layer of content to the game, that will effectively reset you to beginner status. You’ll need to start from scratch as you make your way across the expanded Star Chart, taking on Grineer enemies in dangerous and challenging missions. Upgrade your ship, and your Warframe, with new abilities that allow you to take on the ever-increasing challenges that will come your way in Empyrean.