Warframe’s Super Hungry Grendel Gets A Profile Trailer, Will Arrive In The Old Blood Update


Grendel will be arriving in Warframe with the upcoming The New Blood update. Due for release over the next few weeks, but without a specific release date yet, Grendel likes to devour his enemies, and can even spit them back up for added benefits.

Each consumed enemy gives Grendel bonus armor, while his Feast ability allows him to devour enemies whole and store them in his rotund stomach. It costs energy to keep them there, but they can all be vomited back out, covered in toxic bile. Nourish allows you to fully consume them, giving a radial buff to you and your allies, while Regurgitate will expel an enemy at high velocity, turning them into a toxic projectile. Finally, Pulverize will see Grendel turn into a ball, smashing through enemies with ease.

Grendel won’t be the only thing arriving in The Old Blood. Vauban and Ember are both getting reworks; the dreaded Kuva Lich enemy will be unleashed into the game. Kuva Lich is an immortal enemy; when you strike them down, they rise back up again, growing in power and influence through the system.

We will also be getting the Phase 2 melee changes, expanding on the first stage of Melee 2.0. This includes changes to heavy attacks, mid-air strikes, combos, and a full rebalance for melee weapons! The Old Blood looks like yet another stacked update to the game, setting the groundwork for upcoming expansion that will hopefully arrive before the end of the year.