You Can Use the Power of Fashionframe to Look like Warframe’s Grineer Manic

Grineer Manics are annoying. They can be hard to find, awkward to kill, and have a habit of dying in awkward places when you are trying to farm Ash blueprints. They are also cool; the way enemies can often be in video games. Manics can disappear from view, reappearing again only to slash you across the face in the middle of a fight. They look like terribly evil ninjas, which is always a sharp look to go. The best part of how they look is that Redditor InfamousBanana has found a great way to cosplay a Manic in the game.

Meet the Tenno Manic from r/Warframe

After posting their work to the Warframe subreddit, the community quickly dissected precisely how they had achieved it. The Warframe is Baruuk, with the Graxx Tennogen skin, while the back piece is the Surator Syandana. The Kuva Trieg chest plate takes care of the chest armor, and the somewhat Manic stance is the Ivara agile animation. It’s excellent work from InfamousBanana, resulting in a genuinely intimidating looking Tenno. The fact that this is Baruuk makes it better, as his Serene Storm ability will certainly look the part as he lays out enemies with his feet and fists.

FashionFrame is the ultimate endgame for a lot of Warframe players, as you eventually collect so many skins and cosmetics that you have no choice but to see what you can come up with it. The fashion game in Warframe is helped out by the Tennogen program, which allows players to create cosmetics, which can end up in the game if they prove popular enough. The creators then get a cut of the profits. This is undoubtedly a favorite, so it looks like Baruuk’s Graxx skin just made another sale.