Warframe hotfix 27.3.16 patch notes

Bug squashing time.


Another day, another Warframe hotfix, as Digital Extremes attempt to do to bugs what we have all been doing to the Murex. People who have leaned into the Tactical Intrinsic tree will be happy to know that a bug that stopped you from accessing your tactical menu while flying or gunning has been fixed.

As a guy who likes to use my Rhino as a cannonball, it’s good to see that a problem using the Archwing Slingshot to board enemy crew ships has also been resolved. Grendels will no longer be able to snack on Vauban traps, and the healing pulse from the Basmu has been properly fixed, so no more strange interactions with buffs anymore.

This is a bug fixing patch in every sense, so no new content or major surprises have been deployed. You can find the full patch notes for hotfix 27.3.16.

Scarlet Spear: 27.3.16

Railjack Fixes:

  • Fixed inability to access the Tactical Menu while Piloting or using side Turrets the Railjack with a controller as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1180095-unable-to-open-tactical-menu-while-piloting-railjack-with-controller-investigating/page/3/
  • Another fix towards getting stuck on a black screen when using the Archwing Slingshot into an exploding Crewship and then trying to leave.
  • Fixed the Intrinsics screens not showing the correct button callout for keyboard users when you view the descriptions.
  • Fixed a script error leading to broken/missing Railjack HUD when Piloting or using Turrets after loading into a Railjack mission as a Client (or following Host migration).


  • Fixed the Basmu’s healing pulse receiving exponential copies of equipped Mods with each pulse when under the effect of some conditional buffs, which led to unintended amounts of damage.
  • Fixed Penta/Secura Penta grenades becoming stuck when Napalm Grenades is equipped, thus rendering the Penta unusable. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1174244-penta-grenades-getting-stuck-causing-the-weapon-to-be-completely-useless/
  • Fixed Grendel being able to Feast on Vauban’s deployed traps; a snack that contains no nutritional daily value.
  • Fixed a noticeable hitch when picking up Bullet Jump Mods.
  • Fixed an issue where you’d sometimes not get the ‘NEW!’ tag on a Bullet Jump Mod if you already owned some other Bullet Jump Mod.
  • Fixed Grineer Dargyns in Erpo Earth mission flying in odd spirals.
  • Fixed missing “Your access to in-game chat has been suspended” message. 
  • Fixed an edge case crash that could occur when suffering a bad connection.
  • Fixed a script error that could affect people playing the New Strange or the Silver Grove Quests when joining other missions or quitting the game.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if a Kuva Lich transmission triggers while quitting the game.
  • Fixed a script error if you log out (i.e. drop connection) while customizing Warframe/Weapon/etc colors.
  • Fixed a script error when joining an Eidolon Hunt in progress.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur while playing the Saya’s Vigil Quest.
  • Fixed a script error that would show up in Gas City Spy vaults but only in Sortie missions.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when becoming a Host due to a Host migration.
  • Fixed a script error when loading into a mission and casting Baruuks Lull ability.
  • Fixed a script error when summoning a friendly Saryn Specter.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur while playing a Survival mission.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when opening a Resource Cache in a Sabotage mission.
  • Fixed a script error when encountering the Halls of Ascension Endurance Test. 
  • Fixed a script error when placing Decorations in the Dojo.