The Renown Pack XVII Is Available In Warframe On PS4, Contains The Obsidian Ephemera


A new Renown Pack has arrived for PS4 Tenno, featuring some very nice items. The Obsidian Ephemera seems to be causing the most interest. Sadly for other Tenno, this Ephemera seems to be a PS4 exclusive, so you won’t be able to get your hands on it if you play on other platforms. All the platforms have their own little exclusive cosmetics; however, so you cannot be too mad about it.

The Renown Pack XVII will cost $9.99 on the Playstation Network and features some Platinum, boosters, a Synadana, and the new Obsidian Ephemera. Remember, you can only purchase one of these per account. While the pack dropped yesterday in American, it will be coming to Europe, Oceania, and Asia today, and will release in Japan on September 17.

If you want to add a little more style to your FrashionFrame game, the Obsidian Ephemera looks like a nice way to do it.

Renown Pack XVII features:

  • 170 Platinum
  • Obsidian Samia Syandana
  • Obsidian Ephemera
  • 3-Day Credit Booster
  • 3-Day Affinity Booster

Regional Availability:

  • September 10 – Americas
  • September 11 – Europe, Oceania, and Asia
  • September 17 – Japan

Renown Pack XVII can only be purchased once per account and is available for a limited time.