Warframe’s Orbiter Contains Some Pretty Sweet Animations You Might Not Have Seen

If you have been playing Warframe for a while, you might have every segment in your Orbiter upgraded. This means you might not even be aware that there can be some very cool animations involved in upgrading them. Most of us will have been used to older, bugged animations, but the new interior for the Orbiter has introduced some fixes and replacements for those animations.

Redditor A__Whisper was kind enough to make a recording of one such animation. In the clip, they are just finished making the Nutrio Incubator Upgrade, and then bring it over to the Incubator to install it.

Segment animation from r/Warframe

As you can see in the clip above, a panel opens up and slides out of the Incubator, the character model then places the Nutrio Incubator in an empty slot, and it all closes back up again. It may not seem like much, but when most of us have watched our Tenno randomly shove the upgrade into the floor near the segment we are upgrading, it’s nice to see this level of detail.

If you have yet to upgrade your Incubator with the Nutrio segment and want to see the animation for yourself, then get to the Tenno Lab in your Clan Dojo, where you get the blueprint for it, as long as you have hit Mastery Rank 5. It’s a significant upgrade, especially if you keep a lot of pets in the game, as it grants instant recovery from stasis, reduces the cost of DNA stabilizers, and reduces egg incubation time.

Having played the game for some time, I am curious to see what other animations are hidden away in the Orbiter, but sadly I’ll be relying on kind Redditors to get a glimpse of them, it seems.