Warframe’s Pedestal Prime Is Once Again up for Grabs


Every two weeks in Warframe, Baro Ki’Teer comes sliding out of the Void to provide us with all manner of wares. Mighty Primed Mods, cosmetics, quest items, and fancy weapons, Baro stocks it all. From time to time, he will also sell the most sought after item in the entire system, Pedestal Prime.

Well, today is our lucky day, as Baro has managed to find this magnificent objet d’art, and he is willing to part with it for a mere one million credits. While this might seem like a lot, you need to understand the true beauty of this piece, and seeing is believing.

If you are wondering exactly how fancy this pedestal is, check out the in-game description. “Behold, the singular vision of a great artist and the life’s work of a master craftsman.” it reads, “An artifact so refined, so imbued with the finest material that it has no equal in the system. This is the plinth that all others aspire to be. This is Pedestal Prime.”

In all honesty, the Pedestal Prime is just a money-sink for people with more credits that sense, and I can assure you the header image was certainly not taken in my Orbiter. No, sir. It is highly prized, though, as the Warframe community loves a good meme, so people do like to buy them and use it to decorate their Orbiter, making it as fancy as possible for their visitors.

It doesn’t do anything else except sit there and look beautiful, and its only in-game function is for putting your other decorations on, so if you are new to the game and cannot afford it yet, have no fear. Baro will no doubt have it in stock again at some point next year.