Warframe Is Closing In On 50 Million Registered Players


Warframe, the space looting, robot shooting action game from Digital Extremes, is six years old today. For some people, they have been playing for even longer, if you count time spent in the various beta tests. The game is also approaching another milestone, as it closes in on having a player base of 50 million people.

Not bad for a game that was never supposed to work. The exciting part of Warframe’s success is that the industry seemed convinced it wouldn’t happen. Digital Extremes took the idea for Warframe to several publishers who simply were not interested in the concept, and didn’t see how it would work out. Eventually, on the verge of going under, Digital Extremes opted on one last roll of the dice. They would publish the game themselves, as a free-to-play title. They would take a leap of faith that paid off in a significant way.

Ever since then, the game has gone from strength to strength, constantly being updated with new systems, content, and missions. There are now over 50 different Warframes, hundred of weapons, mods, and items, countless things to make your Warframes look fantastic, and endless variations on missions to do.

2018 was also a record-setting year for the game. The new Fortuna expansion saw it hit a new record for concurrent players on Steam, managing to hit over 130,000 users online at one time.

Warframe’s sixth birthday celebrations are today, so logging in can net you some free goodies in the form of a new skin for your landing craft, the Dex Excalibur Skin, as well as previous gifts from past birthdays. If you have never tried it, I really would suggest giving it a shot. I consider it to be the best of all the looter-shooters, and it just keeps getting better every year.