A New Warframe Tactical Alert Will Get You A Fight With The Wolf Of Saturn Six

The Wolf of Saturn Six has been putting his hammer upside the skull of every Tenno he can find in Warframe for the last few weeks. Now it is time to turn the tables, as we have the chance to become the hunter instead of the hunted. From now until May 13, 2 p.m. ET, two Tactical Alerts are here to help you take down the Wolf of Saturn Six. Complete these replayable Alerts before time is up to get your rewards and a guaranteed chance to fight the Wolf!

The first Tactical Alert will feature Level 20-30 enemies, and will reward you with 10 Nitain, and contain a guaranteed Wolf spawn. The second Tactical Alert will feature Level 50-75 enemies, and will reward you with a Rifle Riven Mod, and shall also feature a guaranteed Wolf spawn.

While the Nitain and the Rifle Riven Mod can only be won once, the Alerts can be replayed, so you can fight the Wolf as much as you want. You also need to be at least Nightwave Rank 5 to participate in the Alerts.

This is great news for the Warframe community, as it has been challenging to get the Wolf to spawn, and his drop rates have not exactly been generous. You need to get multiple parts to get the hammer, and it hasn’t been easy for a lot of people to do. Everyone wants to give that hammer a swing, so having a way to grind it is obviously a very welcome change.

Remember, when taking on the Wolf be sure to build that Radiation damage, as his armor, really doesn’t like it. Personally, I like just to bring my Rubico Prime to fight the Wolf, as I find it burns right through that rather thick health bar he has. Best of luck hunting down the Wolf, and may RNGesus smile on you.