Tennocon’s Exclusive Relay Is Live In Warframe, And Baro Is Selling Everything

Tennocon 2019 has just gotten underway, and you can watch the event on Twitch and Mixer. The annual celebration of all things Warframe brings people together from across the globe. If you can’t be there, don’t fret. All panels are live-streamed, and by watching them, you can get your hands on some excellent free items.

The other great thing about Tennocon is the exclusive Tennocon Relay that goes live in the game for the next week. Baro is there, and he is selling everything. Every item that can pop up in Baro’s inventory is currently for sale, so if there is something you have always wanted, now is the time to get it. There is just one catch, however.

To get access to the exclusive Relay, you will need a Tennocon Digital Pack. The Digital Pack can be purchased in-game, or through the Tennocon website. The Digital Pack will cost around $20 and contains the following items.

  • 475 Platinum Total
  • TennoCon Exclusive Armor Set
  • TennoCon Glyph
  • TennoCon Sigil
  • Digital Art Piece
  • TennoCon Emote
  • TennoCon Relay Key

Baro will be hanging around for a full week, selling absolutely everything, so you have plenty of time to grind some Relics, get the Ducats you need, and buy up everything you could ever want from the mysterious Void trader. Primed Mods, cosmetics, rare Relics, and various Prisma weapons are all on offer, and if you are new to the game, it is an excellent way to get your hands on some additional power.

Don’t forget to spend some time watching the streams to get your free items, and pay close attention to Tenno Live at 6 pm EST on an excellent look at Warframe’s next major expansion.