Warframe’s Angels of the Zariman expansion invites you into the Void later today

Back to where it all began.

Image via Digital Extremes

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Digital Extremes, developer of Warframe, continues the highly-regarded game’s stream of free content later today with the Angels of the Zariman expansion. A direct follow up to The New War expansion, Angels of the Zariman is unleashing one of Warframe’s biggest mysteries. For the first time, players will be able to access the Zariman Ten Zero, the ship that was lost to the Void, and started the entire saga of the Tenno, Warframe’s protagonist characters.

The Angels of the Zariman expansion will include a new social area that has new NPCs to interact with and a new feature that will allow players to have their own living space that can be fully decorated how they desire. Players can also look forward to the introduction of a new Warframe, the electricity-themed Gyre.

Finally, three new game modes are on the way, and players will be embracing Warframe’s silky smooth parkour movement system in Void Flood, cleansing their enemies in Void Cascade, and defending the Zariman Ten Zero itself in Void Armageddon.

The Zariman also contains lots of mysterious, including terrifying new enemies, for players to deal with. As always, there will be lots of quality of life changes, balance changes, new weapons, and more for players to get to grips with. There is no set release time yet, so staying up to date with the Warframe Twitter account is the best way to know when the update drops later today.