Warframe’s Call of the Tempestarii releasing for Xbox Series X and all other platforms today

It’s finally here.

Image via Digital Extremes

In what is something of a historic day for the Warframe community, the new update is arriving on all platforms today. Call of the Tempestarii introduces the new Corpus Railjack areas, a brand new Warframe in the form of Sevagoth, and all new lore missions and boss battles.

Not only is this one of the first times a major update is releasing across all platforms simultaneously, it is also the release of the next-generation version of Warframe on the Xbox Series X and S consoles.

Tenno who are lucky enough to have gotten their hands on Microsoft’s new hardware can enjoy better resolutions, frame rates, and the crispiest looking Warframe gameplay they will have experienced to date.

Railjack is getting a complete overhaul, introduced new costs to build Drydocks and Railjacks, new systems, a whole new Plexus mod mechanic, and all manner of new areas, enemies, and missions.

Warframe’s next-generation arrival means that all players who own an Xbox Game Pass can access the Excalibur Jade Bundle. This bundle, which retails for $19.99 for players without an Xbox Game Pass, features an Excalibur Jade Skin, Excalibur Jade Noggle, Tonkor Jade Skin (including the Tonkor grenade launcher), Liset Jade Skin, Jade Daedalus Armor, Capala Jade Sigil, and a 7-Day Affinity Booster.