Warframe’s Gauss is Just Too Fast for the Game


In the run-up to the release of Gauss, Warframe’s most recent speedster-Frame, there was some concern that his top speeds wouldn’t be that beneficial, because people would have trouble controlling him.

Much of Warframe’s interior design can be considered as somewhat of a legacy, a hangover from years ago when the game was very different. The movement system has come a long way since then, but those tight corridors and endless doors remain. This is despite the fact that Warframes can move much faster through the levels, and skills players can do some pretty impressive parkour moments.

Gauss is a different type of beast, however. He is known for head-down, straight-line speed, so it takes a very skilled hand to get him through some of the environments at high speed.

“Gauss’ speed wouldn’t work in Warframe’s environments” from r/Warframe

In the above clip, you can see Redditor TheXenianRedditor expertly controlling a high-speed Gauss through a myriad of obstacles, seamlessly traversing the level at high speeds. It’s an impressive feat, but one that not even the game was prepared for.

When TheXenianRedditor is just about to reach the extraction point, and end the mission, the game seems to lose track of him and is unable to update his account information. Undone by his own skill, TheXenianRedditor’s session then ends. Whether it’s a result of the speed he was traveling at or a happy coincidence, the result is hilarious.

So what do you think? Is Gauss truly too fast for the game, or was this one of those happy accidents that give us all something to laugh about?