Build Your Own Battleship in Surprise Warframe Update, as Countdown to Empyrean Expac Begins


A new Warframe trailer has revealed that a surprise update is on the way. Rising Tide will set the foundations of the long-planned Empyrean expansion, and will be our first taste of the new battleships that are coming to the game. The update has arrived on PC today, and will then be released for consoles at a later date.

Rising Tide will center around building a Dry Dock in your Clan Dojo, a place to house and develop your Railjack ships. You will also need to recruit the help of Cephalon Cy, an A.I., to search the Origin System for the lost technology you will need to build your Railjack. The Empyrean update will then build on top of this, bringing missions, ship customization, and all kinds of new parts, weapons, and mods for your battleships.

Your Clan will need to work together to get the resources to build the Dry Dock, although solo Clan runners need not fear, everything is balanced with Clan size in mind.

Rising Tide won’t be entirely ship focused, as new weapons, armor, and cosmetics will be introduced to the game, including a new Antonym Skin for Equinox, and the Cumulus Collection of weapons and cosmetics. Rising Tide follows the recent Old Blood update, which introduced the Kuva Lich enemies, a central part of the Empyrean expansion.

As long-time players of the game, we think it’s great to see all these updates being tied together. This is also the perfect way to introduce the Railjacks, allowing players the time to build them without feeling the need to rush into the rest of the content, and we can then take on the threat in Empyrean with no waiting involved.