Warframe’s upcoming Protea can rewind time

A new Warframe is on the way with a truly unique ability.


Digital Extremes has been slowly releasing details on Protea, the new Warframe that is making her way to their space-ninja simulator. During a recent Devstream, they gave us our first look at Protea in the game. While the Warframe is very much a work in progress, one thing that was shown off was her ultimate ability, which allows her to record her movements in the game, then rapidly rewind herself to her starting point.

Protea was also described as having a “utility belt,” which allows her to deploy turrets on the battlefield and access grenades. While we didn’t get to see much during the stream, it clear that the plan behind her design is to have her run into dangerous situations, set up her turrets, then rewind herself to safety. No release date was given for Protea; beyond that, she would be coming to the game soon.

During the Devsteam, we also got to see the upcoming radiation rifle in action. It can fire large area-of-effect explosive rounds, which were taking out huge groups of enemies in the footage that we saw. Three new Kuva weapons will be making their way to the game, the Kuva Nukor, the Kuva Hind, and the Kuva Brama. The Brama is the one that stands out, as it plays like a Lenz, massive explosions, and all. Primary Kitguns are also on the way, which will introduce some new parts that you can combine with the already existing parts for secondary Kitguns to create your primary weapons. Kitguns and Zaws have both shown that modular weapons can produce “best in class” results, so this is an excellent development for players.

Railjack missions are also getting a new twist, as the team showed off images of Sentient enemies boarding Railjacks, so make sure you bring your Paracesis with you to deal with them. The Corpus Ship tileset is getting a rework to bring it up to snuff with the recent Gas City rework. Fans of the larger doors and wider corridors will be very happy with the gameplay that was shown.

Kuva Liches will be getting some changes next week. You will be able to combine Kuva Lich weapons to increase their stats, the Liches will no longer kill you in missions, and will instead run away if you fail to kill them, and your converted Liches will hit harder, and hang around for longer.

Finally, how we deal with our pets will be changing. Stasis is going away, and we will be able to give pets commands in missions, making them more useful. Breeding will become a more in-depth system, as genetic traits and heritage will become important. Details were slim, but adding to the mechanics around pets is only a good thing, in our opinion. You can expect the pet changes to come to the game in March.