Warner Bros. New DC Comics Game Outlaws Appears To Have Been Leaked


It would appear that Warner Bros. will be announcing their new game, Outlaws, this Friday. The leaked image, which appeared on 4chan, shows the game title, apparently using Gotham City as a backdrop, with the date Friday 26th of April. Apparently, the image is due to appear on official Warner Bros. social media channels over the coming days.

Although no title was known, it has been rumored that Warner Bros. has been working on a DC Comics based title in the vein of Destiny for some time now, and this would appear to be that game. While the image also shows the Epic Games trademark, at the moment there is no reason to believe the game will be an Epic Store exclusive, and this most likely indicates that it was built using Unreal Engine 4.

The game, which is apparently being developed by Rocksteady, is rumored to be an online-focused multiplayer game, using various famous fictional cities from the DC Comics universe as settings. Players will apparently be taking part is assorted missions, working on getting various loot, and interacting with famous DC Comics villains and heroes. We have no idea if any of those details are true, but it looks like we don’t have long to wait in order to find out.

It would make sense for Warner Bros. to try and enter into the “games as a service” market with a developer that has established a well-received series of the games, and a well-known IP with a lot of weight behind it, in this case, the DC Comics universe.

While all of this is speculation at the moment, based on assorted leaks over the last year or so, it seems we will be getting some answers at some point this week. We will keep you updated as more news on this story becomes available.