Who Are The Washington Liberation Front or Wolves In The Last of Us Part II


The Last of Us Part II has revealed more gameplay from last week’s media event in Los Angeles. That and the latest trailer, we’ve learned some details about the story and the characters we’re going to meet when it releases on Feb. 21, 2020.

We met a new human faction called the Washington Liberation Front. They are a brand new faction to the franchise. We have never heard of them before due to previous trailers focusing on clickers and all that sort of bestiality you’ve come to expect from the franchise. We also learned about Seraphites, a cult initially teased as the main villain. However, it turns out there’s going to be multiple human groups in the game assuming this role.

The Washington Liberation Front are also called Wolves. They got the names due to the acronym of their name being WLF and being in Seattle. While playing as Ellie, we’re going to have a moment where we’ll pass through that city on our quest for revenge as this is the group that killed Dina.

In a recent interview, co-writer Halley Gross shared that the Wolves have been in Seattle for the last fifteen years. They’ve grown as an anti-outsiders group who only care about each other and themselves. They shoot on sight, and perhaps this is the reason why they did what they did to Dina.

We don’t know whether we’ll meet other human factions in The Last of Us Part II. But sure enough the landscape is much denser in comparison with the original, where you had the military and the Fireflies, basically; Fireflies which we haven’t met yet if not for their logo in the 2016 teaser trailer.