Watch Dogs 3 Rumored To Be Set In London, Launching This Year


There’s a new rumor about Watch Dogs 3, involving the possible location and some of the features of the game.

Interestingly, while coming from 4chan, the rumor has been backed by Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, so there’s a chance it turns true.

According to this rumor, the game is being set in London, as suggested by the updated ending of Watch Dogs 2.

For comparison’s sake, Watch Dogs 2 has been set in San Francisco and the depiction of the city was quite realistic.

Based on the intel, it looks like the game will feature a brand new character and the ability to select between a female or male character.

Anyway, this wouldn’t make for any change in terms of story, so it would be something more aesthetical like in the Far Cry franchise.

In terms of gameplay, the title would feature a larger emphasis on hacking, just like the original Watch Dogs, with a focus more on smaller firearms and knives for combat.

Watch Dogs 3 is said to be releasing as early as this year, so perhaps we can learn more about it a few weeks before E3 and then get the full picture at the event.